I Have No Choice But To Drive 55

Whatcha hauling?
Whatcha hauling?

Monday, 6:00 PM EST

Not as poetic as Sammy Haggar but the truth. Leaning to handle this 20 foot thing in pouring rain. And trying to adjust to everyone passing me in the left lane. This just can’t be.

Emptied two full storage rooms which made me happy. This truck weighs tons. One of the mover kids remarked, “these old things are heavy.”

But he also seemed amused when I explained that the sides were so low on this one antebellum Victorian side chair to accommodate women’s hoop skirts. I try to never miss an opportunity to teach.

I’m off to New Albany to stay with my Derby friends, Jan & Mar. Only a four-hour drive but just had to get going. This Odyssey thang is on.

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For the complete travelogue see On the Odyssey Road
For the complete eviction saga, From the Beginning
Contact: ellistoellis@gmail.com


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