Oily Sacraments

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Unanswered Prayers

The cock crows thrice.


God Said to Abraham Kill Me a Son, Abe Said Man You Must Be Putting Me On

Bridges to Babylon


Me and Susie Had So Much Fun

Pony like Boney Maroney.



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The Last Temptation of Me.
A septuagenarian boy’s struggle to make a go of it in Palm Springs.




My Eviction.It’s impossible to be blindsided if you suspect it might be coming. Still, that’s how it felt.



All about Jim. Jim Jordan was one of my first gay friends in 1971. He remained my cheerleader, my collaborator, my companion until his death in 1988.




The Jackie obsession. When I wore the pink suit in 1972, people either loved it or hated it. Getting a reaction was more powerful than merely gaining approval.




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