No Hatch Act Violations Here

Fascist wedding cake for the soul

I’m all thumbs again. For the second time in four months I’ve spilled a liquid on the keyboard and the laptop is in the shop. So I’m creating via iphone WHICH I HATE.

But it gave me the month of August off and more time to spend with Senator Feinstein. We’ve been touring the famed nude beaches of California togetherLaptop will be back next week.

Some of the illegal imagery from the RNC is truly stunning. Like the pinkish array of American flags against the charcoal and black White House.

Since these photos were taken in violation of the Hatch Act, however, we should not be celebrating them. Nor should the media be calling them newsworthy and popularizing them. That’s just playing into Agent Orange’s slimy hands.

Give them the Gone With the Wind treatment and let’s reevaluate in 70 years.

I for one refuse to publicize these triumphs of the Victor Emmanuel Memorial school of photography. Instead I’ll share some Jim Jordan drawings I’ve been working with in a new decorating project.

Hopefully that will temporarily quench the nation’s thirst for new imagery. And whet my readers’ appetites for future posts.

Dropping Dead Caucus Tells Struggling Americans to Drop Dead

Reacting to the postponement of their August vacation, a furious Caucus of Senate Republicans About to Drop Dead convened on Monday. They showed up on Capitol Hill wearing speedos, bikinis and thongs as a silent protest. It’s unfathomable to them why they need to waste time on relief packages when they could be spending a full month at the beach.

There was the rogue presence of 67-year-old Senator Collins. Too young for the caucus, she’s franticly attending every meeting she can get into these days. It’s a desperate attempt to sell as many of her votes as possible before she loses her reelection campaign.

The other anomaly was Senator Cotton of Arkansas who is only 43. The poor thing is still having problems with his numbers. He’s pretty good counting up to 20 but after that it’s a muddled mess. He doesn’t know where he belongs.