Madonna with Blue Balls

There’s sadness hanging over the holidays this year due to the recent death of my friend Charley. His portraits were featured on this blog Christmas Day, 2014. Of his many wonderful qualities, one I will treasure is he never sued me for using his work without permission.

As evidenced in Charley’s paintings, vibrant color provides an undeniable sense of life and joy. Taking time off from a youtube marathon of old Debbie Reynolds interviews, this Christmas I embellished a magenta Madonna found laying around the apartment. The holy virgin is now displayed in the hallway transom flanked by vintage Radko presidential ornaments. By conspicuously coupling the holidays I can keep the installation up until mid-February. If not longer.

Happy Christmas.

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

In Palm Springs, the answer is yes.

I spent the Yule with Daryl and David and I’d like to think I had a hand in getting their trees decorated. But then I like to think a lot of things.

My visit in November was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of decorating. It took them another three and a half weeks to finish.


The Last Temptation of Me

Helping the More Fortunate

Daryl's Mother doing her part for the greatest generation. She could never understand why we loved this photo so much.
Daryl’s Mother doing her part for the greatest generation. She could never understand why we loved this photo so much.

Christmas is a time for thinking of others including my friends Daryl and David in Palm Springs. They have over 1500 ornaments and about 250 garlands to put on their tree(s). All by Christopher Rothko. Actually it’s Radko but their works cost about the same.

I’m living proof that age is just an accumulation of things. This eviction process has me thinking about the stuff I’ve bought over the decades and how to dispose of what is no longer needed. Someone suggested selling it in a Palm Springs antique mall.

So I visited my friends to scout out the storage situation. I happened upon them at their busiest time of year, decorating for the Holidays.

It truly is a huge undertaking for them. Weeks  of ornament hanging, garland strewing and clip-on clipping. But the results are spectacular.

I did my part by helping to empty 31 of the 67 storage boxes in the dinning room. There were as many full ones still in the garage when I left.

I will be forwarding a copy of this post to the Betty Ford Center just down the street from them. I think Betty needs to develop new treatment protocols for this recently discovered affliction.


The Last Temptation of Me