Them-Thar Is At It Again

Highly Coveted Political Art from the 2020 Campaign

Not sure what Lindsey Faye’s preferred pronouns are but the banks of the River Moon have not been this high since the 2020 South Carolina Senatorial Campaign.

Miss Thang took to the airwaves to defend that stalwart of Republican values, Herschel “Abortion Tab’s On Me, Babe” Walker, then begged, pleaded and cajoled for donations to the potential solon’s cause. The mascara ran freely.

The spirit of Tammy Faye Bakker lives on. Her tactics continue to be a seductive, persuasive influence on the in-bred yahoos who control the nation’s electorate. Lindsey Faye’s waterworks have become such a tradition in Dixie, they almost rival Paula Deen’s much-loved mayo, cream and lard masterpiece, Heart Clogger Pie.

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