One Who Laughs Last, Last Laughed

Chuck Schumer needs to grow a set and go all out in Georgia. Spend a billion dollars if he has to but win both seats.

That charming testicular challenge aside, the message to the color you peach and black, color me taken aback state is: Mitch is Trump. He places a partisan, personal agenda ahead of the people of this country. Which is a misstatement of sorts because it implies citizens come in second. They are nonexistent in the McConnell/Trump way of thinking.

Biden was elected to solve the Trump Virus pandemic. Mitch McConnell controls the Senate if he wins one of the two Georgia seats. It will make it infinitely more difficult for the President-Elect to succeed. Thousands will die in Mitch’s pursuit of turning Biden into a failure.

Democrats need look no further for strategy than the Trump/McConnell behavior since the election. They continue to act like rules don’t apply to them. They disregard civility, have a qualified love for the Constitution (only when it benefits them), and will do anything legal or illegal to win.

The President’s incomprehensible rants and raves only reinforce this message. With every appearance Trump makes, every tweet he tweeters, it’s consistent with what the Democratic ads should be saying. It’s free air time for the donkeys.

Schumer is a symbol of the Democrats’ failed tactics since Ronald Reagan. They were so shell shocked by that defeat they turned themselves into a Republican-Lite party. They remain apologists who are defined by their opposition.

Chuck is proud to be Mitch’s whipping boy, happy to have a Senate seat. McConnell’s agenda favors Wall Street which, conincidentally, happens to be Shumer’s constituency too. He just can’t acknowledge it. If the past is any guide, Schumer will do just enough to come in a close second in Georgia.

Since last week there has been this bogus story that Democrats lost seats in the House because of the progressive movement. Based on what? Skewed polling commissioned by the Committee Chairs?

The news has all the markings of an insider hit job: self-preservationist politicians feeding self-preservationist beltway journalists an approved line of thinking. Together they will repeat it over and over until it’s accepted as fact. It’s how they mislead the public, maintain the status quo and save their jobs.

When Congressman Yoho made his half-assed apology on the House floor, Majority Leader Hoyer papered over the incident by saying “accepted, let’s move on.” Way to phone it in, Stenny.  Ocasia-Cortez’s response was a wakeup call of quite a different sort.

Going forward Democrats have to decide whether it’s good enough to have leadership whose sole qualification is they’ve survived by mastering bureaucratic games their entire careers. Or if they’d prefer someone who. at the drop of a hat, is able to articulate intelligent ideas that inspire millions. Tough choice.

There are two party infrastructures that need to be revamped.

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