Bi Bi Mis-American Pi

I drove the Chevy to Daniel Levy and found there was hope.

The racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-intellectual, larcenous, felonious, mendacious, duplicitous, traitor witch with debilitating bone spurs is dead.

Of course the good ol’ boys still baffle with choices like McConnell and Graham.. Who votes for these losers? Except for disgruntled state-paid hackers in Belarus.

A Sugar Cream (aka Hoosier) Pie with tart cherry sauce. My gift to the nation Election Night. Actually it was a gift to my friend Eddie who hosted a small drunken gathering. And introduced me to the concept of kakistocrats.

Whenever the South controls power in this country it goes to hell in a hand basket. Those eras would be roughly the half centuries between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the one between Barry Goldwater and the Biden Liberation.  It’s not the heat down there it’s the stupidity.

The antique dealer in me (I’ve had a busy night) wants to tour the confederacy and pick up every discredited bronze statue I can find. I’ll lock them up in a warehouse for a couple of years and wait for their camp value to mature. Then I’ll have them painted neon pastels to decorate a hip new club called Picketts.

The club will be named, of course, for one of the most foolhardy charges in the history of warfare by the Confederates at Gettysburg. The ancestors today’s southern voters proudly call their own.

There’s a comfort in thinking of these former bronze icons to southern racism being turned into a meaningless, but colorful, backdrop for revelers seeking homosexual congress.

The dream shall never die.

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