Keep Praying

If nothing else, 2020 has laid the foundation for a new religion. I’ve already identified two icons who are open to being beseeched. If this vote count goes on much longer I’m sure I can come up with a dozen more.

Who we’ll be praying to are feminized versions of superhero saints. So far I’ve got Faint Jaminina and Faint Rudinella (Jamie and Rudy for short). The imagery is there, still working on story lines, acts of penance, lists of followers, miracles, etc. In order to admit modern persona such as Rudy, the vow of poverty requirement has been dropped.

If any of my Jewish or Evangelical friends are reading this (I know I have the former, not so sure about the latter), I’m in desperate need of contacts in the Holy Land. Specifically, goat (or sheep) herders living in caves. I have some parchment scrolls I need planted.

Their acts are not likely to pay dividends in our lifetimes. But are bound to affect civilization for millennia to come.


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