Let Us Now Praise Chuck Schumer

I’d rather sing those of Bobby Knight.

The quote of the day comes from the Senate Minority Leader.

“I’ve had a long and serious talk with Sen. Feinstein and that’s all I’ll say about it right now.”

Wow, great catch Chuck, thanks for looking out for us.

If an aging crossdresser in a San Francisco old peoples home can spot issues with Feinstein leading a nomination fight months, nay years, in advance, shouldn’t the leader of her party have had an inkling too? The man has worked with her for a couple of decades, surely he’s aware of her abilities and proclivities. Instead he acts like he was blindsided by the whole thing.

This nomination was so important there should have been an all out effort from the Democrats starting at the top. When the Republican Leader McConnell blocked the Garland nomination you knew exactly who was calling the shots (hint: it wasn’t the Chair of the Judiciary Committee).

In this case the Minority Leader issued a press release, a couple of statements then shifted into Pontius Pilate mode. As Bob Knight used to say, Schumer couldn’t lead a whore into bed.

I don’t know if Schumer’s game is the same as Feinstein’s, aggrandizing personal wealth. Probably not to the same extent. As the party leader he’s responsible for Democratic fundraising to help win Senate seats in all states. I’m sure he needs Wall Street to meet his monetary goals. And he ignores that street at his own peril if he hopes to remain a Senator from New York.

It’s just another example of Democrats putting up a mild fight to save face. In the end their agenda is the same as the Republicans.

If the Democrats do win back the Senate it’s going to take someone a little more astute than Chuck Schumer to lead them.


3 thoughts on “Let Us Now Praise Chuck Schumer

  1. I totally agree! I lost track of DiFi’s age — she’s 87, same as my mom. And Rhoda gets rattled if they move the endcap with the Thomas’s English Muffins.

    What was DiFi doing hugging Senator Girlene??

    I say Elizabeth Warren; she’s not a sold-out milquetoast.

    1. In light of the recent development that Democrats will boycott the Committee vote tomorrow, I’ve been working with Senator Feinstein on her statement. So far we’ve got “one of the best Judiciary Committee votes I’ve ever been associated with.” Let me know your thoughts. Maybe run it by Rhoda.

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