2 thoughts on “Jerry Hall’s What I Did for Love Photo Diary, 10/1/20

    1. As much as I enjoy these clunky interjections of huh? in the Chinese Water Torture that is our friendship, this might be a good time to evaluate their effectivenes and determine if they are, indeed, even necessary.

      On one hand they are reminiscent of a star pupil of mine from a few years back who has gone on to become the Head Coach and Chief Strategist for President Trump’s Debate Team. You are not in her league. Yet.

      Your questioning almost always comes after I’ve made a cultural or pop reference that you don’t understand. And, I’m guessing, don’t want to know about either. Is it worth boring your classmates and taking up our valuable time to rehash it personally for you? In the end you’ll reject it with an “I don’t care” anyway.

      Sounds like you’re expecting us to add incessant, inane questioning to your mix of annoying idiosyncrasies. We’ve put up with the cloying patchouli wafts from your person for decades. Then there’s the disgusting sight of used rigs and dirty condoms that are aways cascading out of your purse. I for one can’t take much more.

      When you feel these meaningless expletives coming on, take a deep breath and try to summon up a trait that has never come easily to you. Restraint. You’ll find a certain calm comes with the understanding that your mouth does not have to be constantly motoring. You also might find some peace once you realize the world isn’t interested in hearing your opinion on every topic under the sun. Unlike they are mine.

      If you need further counseling, please contact me.

      Greta Hogwarble, Dean of Women

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