As I Lay Strategerizing

It’s so much easier to think when you’re wearing DIY haute couture.

The feces seems to be hitting the funicular with the latest national security fiasco (enfin!). The incompetence of this administration is truly stagering.

It’s also an indication that it’s time to up the ante and extend the brand. From now through election day, in fact through perpetuity, members of the GOP should wear their moniker with pride: Trump Republicans.

Just like the mountain of all-you-can-eat bacon in the bankrupt Trump Taj Mahal breakfast buffet line, these memories should be kept alive. And the catastrophe of the Trump Administration needs to be forever associated with its chief enablers. Trump Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Joni Ernst, Lindsay Graham and the No-Name Nobodies from the Dakotas.

Mt. Pukemore: putting it behind me

Along with Trump Virus, introducing the term Trump Republicans into the nation’s word power helps spread the toxicity of that dastardly name. And the Trump family doesn’t mind. They’re just counting the number of times they see it in print.

It’s such a great idea I’m surprised the Secretary of Failure, JKush, didn’t come up with it first.

Sundown at sunrise. Outside my bedroom window, Last Tuesday morning.

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  1. Bitch, how cum your Pukemore is so much more haute than mine?? Mine even has a fucking collar??? And short sleeves. By Election Day, it’s cold up here in Boston….

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