Art (and Love) for Sale

The first shipment of Campaign Art 2020 has arrived from Mumbai. Those pre-schoolers did a bang up job and are worth every penny they’re paid each month.

The stretched canvases are 8″x8″ and sell for $33 each. Except for the majestic panorama of Mt. Pukemore which is 11″x14″ and goes for $55.

Prints are for sale at Stuff, 150 Valencia Street, SF, CA or by emailing My precious insiders can contact me directly.

These canvases make great corporate gifts (especially in the Bible Belt), are perfect bathroom art and are wonderful for children (recommended ages: 3 to 5 years. No choking hazard!)

 In Stock Now!

Coming Soon!

Finally, with the impending semi-centennial of me donning the pink suit almost upon us, a limited edition of B for Biden prints will also be available. Limit will be determined by the number of people who order it.

These canvases are 8″x8″ and sell for $50.

But Wait, There’s More!

Added 9/18

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