Melania’s Logical Successor

lKanye West has qualified for the ballot in West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin,  Montana and possibly Arizona. With such widespread appeal an Electoral College sweep is almost guaranteed.

Thoughts have naturally turned towards Kim Kardashian’s Inaugural Gown. Rumor has it her dress is based on historical designs and was created by Gardena’s famous fashion house Brown Eye’s 2020.

Mrs. West enthusiastically pointed out, “if that Dolly bitch can rack her dirty pillows up with a cheap underwire, ain’t no reason I can’t tape my moobs up front and center.”

Can the powdered donuts be far behind?

4 thoughts on “Melania’s Logical Successor

  1. Fuck man. Ostensibly the mind is supposed to get increasingly used to whatever’s going on. Truth is each new blow has the same reaction which is WHAT THE FUCK? WHATS HAPPENING? What are powdered donuts? Good morning.


  2. Blue and orange. Her dress and skin. A typical color combo for campaign pitches. Omg.


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