Trump Wants You Dead

If you’re Black, Latino, disabled, poor, gay or simply, god forbid, not white, Agent Orange has two words for you: You’re Expired.

You’re especially expired if you’re a senior freeloading on Social Security or worse, a senior in a nursing home syphoning tax dollars from Medicare too. That welfare money needs to be redirected to where it belongs: Wall Street.

As the Trump Virus ravages the country we find ourselves in the middle of a modern-day pogrom. No expensive camps to maintain, no messy ovens to clean up, just a silent, genetically engineered virus inuring itself into the general populace. So organic, so Clancy, so millennial.

It solidifies the US-China relationship that began in the 70’s with CIA Director Bush’s work in Beijing. Sure there’s some surface feuding going on today between the two countries. It provides an effective smoke screen. Underneath, the pandemic benefits both countries’ ruling elites.

In China’s class-free communist society, the entitled oligarchy has reaped trillions by providing cheap labor to the filthy capitalists in the West. These parvenues have been like Beverly Hillbillies on a Manhattan shopping spree snapping up every brand label they can find. Without a clue as to what they were buying. Like the Bordeaux they import by oil tanker loads then mix with Coke.

Bruised Chateau Margaux aside, China’s ruling class does not want to jeopardize its gravy train. They probably were more than happy to be complicit and use their closed society to incubate and release a viral agent. With a population of 1.5 billion, they could stand a little culling of the herd themselves.

An additional bonus for China was, as the world remained preoccupied with self-preservation, they could illegally annex Hong Kong. Western leaders mocked horror but did nothing. Just part of the trade-off.

China’s indentured servitude has benefited the US immensely since the Reagan Revolution. But then we’ve always done Master/Servant well, it’s practically in our Constitution. As long as the marketplace is “free ” it doesn’t matter that the labor force isn’t.

The biggest nightmare of Reaganites has always been the huge Social Security outlay when Baby Boomers retire. We’ve been hearing about it for 40 years.

It’s not that the money is not there. It’s that the One Per Centers have their eyes on that cash too. And since the aforementioned Revolution, Corporate America seems to win every battle there is with their bought and paid for Congress and Courts System.

When Capitalist Tools like Agent Orange and his cabinet of billionaire secretaries saw the opportunity to euthanize they seized it. Their circus of Ineptness is not by hazard. As long as confusion abounds and there is no coordinated federal response, no supplies, no testing, and no information, the infection rate soars. And until we see Trumps, Cabinet Secretaries, CEO’s, the uber-wealthy or any of their immediate family members dying from the disease, I’m not buying the egalitarian argument.

It makes perfect sense why the Secretary of Education is so persistent in having schools reopen without any logical justification. Ms. DeVos, whose family made their billions off of Defense Department Welfare, knows that the mortality rate in children is very low. She won’t be killing them in an obvious way. Yet. More importantly they make excellent vehicles for spreading any virus.

So spray the halls with tons of spittle and let’s kill Grandpa for Christmas!


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