Our Lady of the Trump Virus for Friday, June 26th: Ida McKinley

When I was first reading histories of the Great Depression as a kid, I thought the term Hooverville was hysterical. I was still of the mindset that it was imperative to be respectful of the presidental institution and this colloquial usage was so wrong. But also so funny.

Then Lisa Douglas from Green Acres came along and confounded the issue. She used to go to the General Store in Hootersville to buy her Electricable (i.e., extension) Cords. Lisa’s burg sounded funnier than Herbert’s.

In the 80’s when Regan closed all the mental hospitals and the modern surge of homelessness began, there was a missed opportunity to rename these urbanized shanties after a sitting president. Reganville would have been kind of bland. But Nancy Towns has a certain spark.

Similarly, today Trumpville seems blah. Then you think of the daughter with her “let them eat cake” give. We have heard very little from Princess Frozenface during the National Crisis. Probably because she didn’t want to detract from the brilliant work her hubby the Kush-meister was doing on so many fronts.

Until now Ivanka’s crowning White House achievement has been insinuating herself into a photo op with the World Bank President. Christine Lagarde’s look of “who is this turd” is one for the ages.

With the tsunami of homelessness caused by Daddy’s inept handling of the pandemic, it’s time to memorialize his little Honey Bucket’s place in history.

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  1. Brilliant. The COVID-19 Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (er People). No matter how much you try to hide it, you have talent….

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