A Nation Adreft

Our Lady of the Trump Virus for Saturday, May 30th: Caroline Harrison

When Barbara lived in LA she told me how some of the locals would “rehome” their dogs. They’d get out on the 605, punch it out to about 80, then toss the pooches out the window.

I love the conscious coupling of made-up words to soften the underlying heinous acts. This week alone saw a lot of action on the rehoming front. Bravo’s Andy Cohen had to get rid of his pet dog of seven years because it was becoming too aggressive with his little toddler C.M. (Career Move.)

In Fresno, Myka and James Stauffer decided after four years of living with an autistic experiment they couldn’t do it anymore. It was time to rehome. But not before using the adopted child to cash in on several product endorsements including Dreft Laundry Detergent for Babies. Myka adores that newborn scent.

Fragrance lovers will be happy to know that the logical successor to the hallowed Chanel no. 5 has finally been crowned. It’s the new Dreft no. 605.

Bless-ud are the flamethrowers for they shall have increased name recognition with its inherent possibilities for marketing.

There is nothing funny about the heinous murder of George Floyd. This cycle of futility seems unending. And it’s not going to end with the Trump-McConnell Republicans in charge. It’s just the way they want it. Democrats have proven they can’t do much better.

It’s encouraging that the officer has at least been charged. It’s also predictable what will happen next.

The DA will conduct an aggressive prosecution but will make one gosh-darn silly mistake and the defendant walks. On the off-chance the officer is found guilty, the piece of swiss cheese that serves as a trial record will give an appellate court ample grounds to overturn any conviction.

When has a white cop ever been imprisoned for killing a black man? Now a black cop killing a black man will probably end up being a different story.

DA’s that work closely with local police should not be allowed to then investigate and prosecute them. Their livelihoods are so intertwined, the collusion is just so obvious.

Finally,  there’s the sad summing-up of Rush Limbaugh’s career made by the matched set of viagra-filled Samsonite lover himself. Thumbellina was referring to the effects of his recent cancer treatments. His words, however, aptly apply to his life’s work as well. “I have been virtually worthless, virtually useless.”




2 thoughts on “A Nation Adreft

  1. This comes grudgingly, I hate to be effusive, at least in a positive way. Tearing down comes oh so naturally but, well, praise? Girlfriend, it hurts.
    You have finally elevated your innate cynicism into an art form, a Diego Rivera of the blog set. Thank you for finally being meaningful. I could also say Thank you for being yourself but that would be too boring. besides, the interesting thing here is that you seem to be shifting…. The times are no longer liberating.

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