Mueller’s Mush

Attorney General Barr consults with Justice Department brain trust on Mueller Report.

Our Republic has come a long way. The nation’s first President could not tell a lie when the cherry tree was cut down. Today’s President does nothing but lie except when he recounts his days cherry picking at the Miss Universe Contest.

Washington and FBI insider Robert Mueller has accomplished what he set out to do. Nothing, Give the appearance of holding elected officials accountable but in the end just preserve the status quo.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on an inconclusive report. The decision to pursue charges or share information with the public was left in the hands of an Attorney General whose only qualification for the job was his agreement in advance never to release the report. Roseanne (not his real name) took one look at the cover sheet and made his decision.

Of the people, by the people, for the people. Well, some of the people anyway. Those corporate entities whom the Roberts Court sagaciously declared were people and entitled to the same rights as individuals without requiring them to share any of the same responsibilities.

If you were on Wall Street and receiving blank checks from all three branches of government on an hourly basis would you want to change the way things are being done?

2 thoughts on “Mueller’s Mush

  1. Finding myself telling friends ‘well, we had a good run’. My kids both live in Queens NY so Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is their Congressperson. Good luck to all of them, we are finished.

    1. We can’t just sit back, whimper and die, Susan. We stopped a war in Viet Nam for God’s sake. This is one Nero who’s resining up his bow and preparing for one last rousing chorus of Orange Blossom Special.

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