M’aider! M’aider!


From the French for “help me,” we celebrate May Day. I can think of no better way than by opening my first San Francisco antique booth while repeatedly singing all six stanzas of the Internationale.

My things are at Stuff, 150 Valencia at Duboce. We welcome all locals as well as international visitors.

I’ve always been a trooper, a firm believer that there is no more happy feeling, than when you are stealing, that extra bow. But this go-round I mean it: one last time.

There will be plenty of time later to write a post-mortem on my experiences as an antique dealer the past few years. And, my, what a fascinating read that will be. Right now I’m focussing energy on getting over to Eric’s for a couple Boulevardiers.

After three years of living in apartments that doubled as warehouses. I can finally get my personal space back. Can life be far behind?

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