Nose Job

"A nose for news. A heart for art." Jim Jordan, 1975
“A nose for news. A heart for art.” Jim Jordan, 1975

You’ve got to start somewhere, as Michael Jackson might say.

You’ve got to end somewhere too, as Joan Rivers would probably add.

I had my first plastic surgery today. Medically necessitated and paid for with Trumpacare Dollars.

Dr. Winnie removed a carbuncle from the base of my nose. It existed as a tiny bump for almost two decades but took on a teenage growth spurt recently.

Patient and lesion are both doing benign.

What hath God wraught?
What hath God wraught?

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    1. as long as you keep the DUKE Blue Its ok with me…I think its about tme to start heading EAST…
      Everyone in the Fort i wondering about you… WONDER WONDER WONDER…

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