With Cockle Shells

Take the picture! Take the picture!
Take the picture! Take the picture!

One of my favorite television series was Audrey Hepburn on PBS hosting tours of the world’s great gardens. I think it only aired once, I’ve never seen it again. I’ve searched on Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube to no avail.

She was never that strong as an actress but was absolutely beguiling in every frame of film she was ever in.  Her image demanded rapt attention and always held mine.

What made her such a great hostess for the gardens series was her voice. Her Belgian/Dutch/British take on American English was unique. Anyone else doing it would probably sound pretentious. She came across as genuine and convincing. And could do controlled exuberance like no other.

Awaiting the wisping waft of Charlotte"s chiffon.
Awaiting the wisping waft of Charlotte”s chiffon.

We need Audrey now to conduct the tour of the gardens at 55 Laguna. Work has begun in earnest over the last few weeks. First on the courtyard promenade in the back and last week on the rooftop outside my windows on the street side.

Of course the plants are young and the design is raw but one can almost see George and Charlotte Schultz strolling through the geometrically laid out courtyard.  At one of their important functions. Those grueling five-minute photo ops do SO much for charity.

I’ve enjoyed watching the project take shape. Cranes lifting bag after bag of soil on to the roofs. The white plastic enveloped roots of the plants being organized in formation. The exotic grasses. The workmen.

One in particular has captured my imagination. His work with a hoe is a sight to behold. And what he can do with a succulent, well…

Building Management has said they aren’t cleaning our windows until all the construction is finished. So my photography must be seen through the filter of grimy glass. Still, the beauty shines through, and some say is enhanced by, a layer of filth.

With that I give you,

The Gardener

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