On My Way to Ralphs

Since I don’t have access to a car very often I’ve tried to maintain my city habits of walking to the market for provisions. Knowing you have to carry them back is a great inhibitor against impulse buying.

I only made the mistake once of imposing my will against the mid-day, 110 degree heat. By the time I got to Ralphs I looked like I’d been in a wet t-shirt contest. Winded on the way back I was tempted to throw the groceries in the ditch just so I could get home. Maybe thats why there’s so much trash along the way.

But most of the year it’s an easy walk. You just have to pick the right time of day. And after forty years of climbing San Francisco’s hills, the flat terrain is a piece of cake.

Google clocks it at a mile and a quarter from my apartment. Same distance as the Derby.


The Last Temptation of Me

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