Come Together

The kitchen is kind of becoming cohesive. The Uhaul ride from last summer is coming back to bite. I’ve emptied out the storage room containing the contents from that 20 foot truck. As well as six months of desert dust. I may have beige lung.

Things are progressing. I just need to get the treasures to the store and into the homes of their new owners. Then figure out how I make this place my own.

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In case you’re interested, here’s what the rest of the place looks like. It might take a while…..

A place for everything
A place for everything



The Last Temptation of Me

2 thoughts on “Come Together

  1. I love your new DIGS and dig is a thing you might have to do…don’t give up the shovel! As usual you have made
    a treasure of you suroundings…I’m sure Jackie and the Royals would be very proud of you…LOVE Uncle Bill

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