Breaking Up the Trip, Badly

Texas pride can be overbearing. The grills? Give it a rest.
Texas pride can be overbearing. The grills? Give it a rest.

Thursday Afternoon

One of the hardest things to find on this trip is good coffee. Even seeking the lowest common denominator, Starbucks, can be a challenge. But then long division isn’t really taught in these parts. It’s too close to Darwin.

I made a mistake in staying overnight in Amarillo. It’s a bigger city than I thought so the rates are high and the quality is low. I’ve had better luck in the smaller towns.

On the way into Amarillo there was billboard after billboard advertising a 72 oz. steak. You know what they say: the bigger the steak the smaller the meat. It did get me in the mood though, but I opted for a 10 ounce one instead. From the take out at Outback, across the parking lot from my ratty Hampton Inn. I didn’t feel like driving anymore.

It was a short day, just took 4 hours to reach the Land of Enchantment. Only one stop today, that was in Deaf Smith County for gas and a religious t-shirt. I pulled into the Duke City at 1:00 PM. I’ll be taking a 24 hour break from the truck driving intensity.

I rented a car and visited Santa Fe. The Flintstones meets Zorro style of architecture is interesting. It’s worth a return trip someday.

I have one more big push to Phoenix on Friday. Then coast to the Springs Saturday.

Trucking ain't no good life, but it's my life.
Trucking ain’t no good life, but it’s my life.

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