What Have I Got to Hide?

Your call is very important to me

I’ve had three calls today wondering what was going on, why I hadn’t updated the blog, were there visiting hours at the county jail.  Obviously, the nation is on edge.

But the answer is nothing has happened. I’m still waiting. I can only guess what my landlord and his master of eviction profiteering attorney are up to.

Originally I planned to video the service of papers in my hallway for my readers’ viewing pleasure. Then I was advised I shouldn’t answer the front door. So the tripod came down.

I also tried to be sneaky about leaving or returning to the building, avoiding strangers. After a couple days I thought, why bother? Let’s just get served and get it over with.

A nasty cold hit over the weekend which curtailed my mobility. I barely made it off the couch. If there was a process server camped outside my building I can only hope he was charging by the hour.

Tomorrow morning I take the March rent check over to my attorney to deposit in a trust account pending the outcome of all this. Then I’m having lunch at the House of Shields with a trusted former boss cum tea leaf reader. I’ll be out and about.

In the spirit of Abolafia, life goes on.



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