Eviction Countdown: Day 13

The World as I See It
The World as I See It

Nothing happened today except I spoke to my one other neighbor who is still in the building. We’re in the same boat, he’s heard nothing either.

It was a gorgeous day, low 70’s. I walked down to the City Pier. On the way home I got yelled at when I cut the line at Swans to buy some crab meat. Everyone was waiting for the counter, I just wanted some to take home. I know the drill, they don’t. Fucking tourists.


The front bay windows have been my eyes on the world for the last 39 years. From them I’ve seen and heard many things including an interesting young neighbor who lived across the street back in the 80’s. We stared at each other a lot.

One day he was standing on the street below me so, a la The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, I threw down my keys. It went hot and heavy for about six months.

The Roman Spring Launch Pad
The Roman Spring Launch Pad

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