Eviction Countdown: Day 14

The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere
The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere

The uncertainty of what is happening is a little trying. Yesterday some friends back east asked me to visit for the Kentucky Derby the first of May. I wanted to go and eight weeks notice is certainly enough time to make plans and a commitment. But since I don’t know at what stage of the process I’ll be, or even where I’ll be living, I had to say no.

The Entertainment Center
The Entertainment Center

I have the assurances of my attorney that things will probably move slowly so it might have worked. I didn’t feel like taking the chance, however, so I’m left here to wait and comfort myself with my “things.”

Like the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere, a rare example of 18th Century bas relief in plastique. By now the reader must think my apartment is filled with kitsch but I really do try to contain it. It only works as an accent to otherwise clean, simple lines.

The ancestral ducal couple preside over the entertainment area.


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