Eviction Countdown: Day 18


Fasten your seatbelts
Fasten your seatbelts

Yesterday I got a call from my landlord, Vince Young. He said that he couldn’t accept my February rent check and that I needed to write it for a prorated amount until the 25th. I said he would have to provide me with written details and return the voided check.

He then asked me about my plans to move. I said I had none. He said that “legally” I had to be out by the 24th. I told him that it was my understanding that if I wasn’t out I would be served an unlawful detainer and then the matter would be litigated.

I think he was stunned. There was a long silence until we finally just said good-bye. So we’ll see.


Today’s featured artifact is my Eve Harrington Lamp. I have an unfair reputation for being a spendthrift but I do my share of bargain hunting. I found this lamp in the 1980’s at a sidewalk sale a couple blocks down by St. Francis Hospital. It was in disrepair and had no shade. I paid $5 for it.

I had an artsy friend patch it up and paint it ($50); my lampshade lady Chiyo made me the silk shade ($200); and then I found the Victorian agate finial in an antique store ($85). All in all, a steal.

A couple of years later I was watching All About Eve for the umpteenth time and, in the scene where Phoebe meets Addison at Eve’s front door, there was my lamp. Since portions of the movie were filmed in San Francisco I was convinced that Bette Davis picked this lamp out herself. And that she would have wanted me to have it.


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