Eviction Countdown: Day 20

Taking out the trash
Taking out the trash

In 1994 my Mother brought my nephew and niece out for a visit. They were 12 and 10. I did my best to plan an aggressive itinerary that included Ghirardelli Sundaes, Tommy at the Opera House, a Giants Game, Golden Gate Park, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and row boats on Lake Merritt. None of those made the top of their favorites list.

They loved the glass elevators at the St. Francis and the Fairmont. They were easy to access at the time, no security, and free. We rode them repeatedly, whenever we were close by.

The source of so much joy
The source of so much joy

Of everything we did, however, they were obsessed with my trash chute. They just couldn’t get over this ancient technology. There was intense bickering over whose turn it was whenever the trash can was full. Then they would invent reasons why certain items had to be thrown out immediately and couldn’t wait.

Had I known these things in advance I could have saved a lot of money. I just hope the Mayor’s office is following my blog and are figuring out a way to commercialize these experiences. It’s not like them to miss any untapped tourist revenue.

Today I pdf-ed some documents to my attorney. Otherwise, all quiet on the eviction front.

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