Reviving a Classic

The Golden Cadillac was invented in the 1970’s. David and I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. We’ d order them anywhere we’d go but, considering the places we went, only a handful could make them.

The Alta Plaza on Fillmore and the Lion Pub on Sacramento could be counted on for a good Caddie. It was a crap shoot anywhere else. Still there was a sport to ordering them even if it did end in a blank stare from the bartender.

They were so creamy, delicious and smooth. One could easily become five. And the accompanying hangovers the next morning were some of the deadliest ever.

They’ve since fallen out of favor and have laid dormant for decades. I’ve been trying to bring them back and order them on many festive cold or hot weather occasions. Last week in a trendy south of Market restaurant I asked for one and the barkeep didn’t know what Galliano was.

So I’m often forced to travel with my own supplies as I did yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a simple recipe: 2 parts Galliano, 1 part Creme de Cacao, 3 parts cream. And a whole lot of love.

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